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Recommendations for Project Management Departments

By Governmental Internal Study


The study findings provide the following recommendations for the new process and strongly support the idea that they should be implemented as a package. Together  they provide the elements of a reformed project management process.

Recommendations for Strategic Direction for Project Management

The recommendations are intended to ensure that there is department-wide accountability for and ownership of accomplishing project management objectives. The recommendations provide the department-wide leadership with direction to strengthen the  departmental  project management culture.

Recommendation 1. Develop The Department's  project management culture by providing clear, consistent, executive communication and leadership regarding the department-wide importance of project management objectives and their accomplishment.

Recommendation 2. Establish department-wide ownership and accountability by senior management for strategic objective accomplishment in scope, budget, schedule,
and quality.

Recommendation 3. Establish measurable Departmental strategic objectives for scope, budget, schedule, and quality and measure their accomplishment.

Recommendations for Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Manager

These recommendations address the concerns that project management at The Department is inconsistent. There is no widely shared understanding of the role of the project manager or the project team; project management practices vary widely and the extent to  which projects are actively managed at all is variable. The intent of the recommendations detailed below is to increase the consistency and discipline with which best project
management practices are applied at The Department.

Recommendation 4. Establish department-wide the roles, responsibilities, and authority of project managers, project teams, technical managers, technical leaders, and  team members. Strengthen the project manager's level of authority.

Recommendation 5. Strengthen the consistency of project management across  The Department by establishing consistent project management procedures.

Recommendation 6. Revise project management policies, guidelines, and manuals to reflect these consistent project management requirements.

Recommendation 7. Establish measurable performance objectives for project managers that are aligned with the departmental strategic objectives and project managers' roles,
responsibilities, and authority.

Recommendation 8. Develop and maintain department-wide project status information regarding project scope, schedule, and budget.

Recommendation 9. Strengthen scope management by revising policies and procedures to establish greater accountability and reporting mechanisms.

Recommendation 10. Establish a standardized process for project schedule planning and management.

Recommendation 11. Establish and manage project budgets.

Recommendation 12. Use quantitative information to evaluate DEPARTMENTAL labor requirements and establish work standards by activity to support project scheduling and

Recommendation 13. Perform multi-project resource loading to evaluate the "deliverability of the program" and support overall program management.

Recommendations for Organizational Development to Strengthen The Department's Project Management Function

The recommendations address the study findings that strengthened project management requires elevating and supporting the development of project management as a discipline within The Department.

Recommendation 14. Create a department-wide organizational focal point for all project management at The Department.

Recommendation 15. Establish project management as a visible and attractive Departmental career path.

Recommendation 16. Continue to emphasize and amplify training and professional development for project managers. This recommendation builds on the existing level of commitment to training for project managers and team members.

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