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E-Commerce - E-Banking Risks Elective Modules
by Government Research FFIEC

Fundamental Risks in E-Banking

...[ Read More ]

Booklet: Outsourcing Technology Services Elective Modules
by IAPM Governmental Research

The responsibility for properly overseeing outsourced relationships lies with the institution's board of directors and senior management. Although the technology needed to support business objectives is often a critical factor in deciding to outsource, managing such relationships is more than just a technology issue; it is an enterprise-wide corporate management issue. ...[ Read More ]

Growth of E-Business Worldwide Elective Modules
by United Nations

Asia-Pacific shows greatest potential, UNCTAD says. Electronic commerce is growing and thriving in many parts of the world, according to a U.N. report issued November 18. ...[ Read More ]

Internet and E-Commerce History Elective Modules

When the Defense Department issued a $19,800 contract on December 6, 1967, for the purpose of studying the "design and specification of a computer network," the world didn't take notice. ...[ Read More ]

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