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Press Releases for the year 2010

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The International Academy of Project Management is delighted to announce the launch of the Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP™).

October 25, 2010

Course Overview: In recent years, Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management have been receiving increased focus. This is due to the quick and large benefits that are available, often with minimal investment. These disciplines apply across all industries, in the same way as all companies require robust financial control. It is the experience of the discipline, not the industry, that leading companies are looking to develop. Effective management and control of these disciplines will make a material difference to your bottom line.

IAPM Chairman commented: 
"We are delighted to now have this in our portfolio and we believe that given the current economic climate many companies are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce costs. Effective Procurement and Supply Chain Management is one area that provides businesses with significant efficiency opportunities if managed well."

For further information on our inaugural courses in Dubai (Jan 2011) and Johannesburg (Dec 2010) please write to

Certificate Programs

July 8, 2010

It has again been brought to our attention that some Middle East program providers are advertising certificate programs on their websites under the heading of CERTIFIED programs.


We always encourage our members to further their education and keep up to date with new educational developments. However, if you see a program listed on a website claiming to be a CERTIFIED program you should seek to establish what the name of the certifying body is and what credit, if any, is provide in terms of Professional Development points.  If you are unable to get a satisfactory answer to these questions it is quite possible that the organisation running the program is using deceptive marketing practices which, in markets with consumer protection laws, is prohibited.

IAFM/IAPM Relationship with IIR ME

April 2, 2010

IAFM/IAPM Relationship with IIR ME

You will be aware that at the end of 2009 IAFM/IAPM ceased to be involved in providing courses in the Middle East. We have subsequently appointed a number of other providers. However, we continue to get questions from prospective delegates in relation to programs being marketed in the GCC area. The following answers to questions raised, should acquaint you with the position. However, if you need any further advice please feel free to contact any of our offices..


Is it correct that IIR ME no longer markets IAFM/IAPM programs?


Yes that is correct.  At the end of 2009 the relationship between the two organisations terminated.  IIR ME is no longer permitted by IAFM/IAPM to market our programs.


The programs currently marketed by IIR ME look very similar to the IAFM/IAPM programs.  Are they the same?


Yes,  IAFM/IAPM have also noted that the new IIR ME programs look similar.  IIR ME has chosen to use names very similar to IAFM/IAPM programs.  But you will notice that they are Certificate - not Certified.  This means that if you attend one of their courses, you will only receive a CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE in the same way that you always have.  This is not an internationally recognized certification or membership of any international body.  IIR ME is an events arranger - not a training company therefore they cannot certify courses


What is the value of programs being certified?


If programs are certified they have been through a quality control process where the contents of the program are scrutinsed to ensure that the content meets certain standards.  A certificate program is not necessarily subject to any quality control process as usually the content is provided by an individual trainer.


But I have just enrolled in a program thinking that it was a Certified program.  What should I do?


If you have enrolled in a program in the genuine belief that it was an IAFM/IAPM certified program you should contact IIR ME.  The Informa Group (IIR ME Parent company) legal officers in London assured us that IIR has no intention to mislead people therefore we suggest you contact IIR and discuss the position with them.


If IIR courses are not certified can I still undertake IAFM/IAPM Certified courses.


The good news is that through IAFM/IAPM partners in different parts of the GCC and Dubai itself, we can offer you all of the IAFM certified programs as previously.  In the next couple of months we will be running large number of programs including:

- Certified Compliance Officer

- Certified Cash Flow Manager

- Certified International Project Manager

- Certified Operational Risk Manager

We recommend that you look at the IAFM/IAPM websites regularly and you will see when the programs are available and where - and


Is there an additional charge for certification?


No, if you attend an IAFM/IAPM program directly or via one of our partners, the fees paid for our programs are inclusive of the certification and up to 2 year membership of the IAFM/IAPM, as was the case with IIR ME when it was our partner.

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